Verteville Energy Company Limited (Verteville) is an indigenous Nigerian power servicing company with expertise in technical audits, owners engineering, installation, commissioning, gas turbine control, procurement, oil regeneration & filtration and project management. Verteville is a client-oriented organization. Living by our corporate philosophy: “Quality Performance, Products and Services.” This commitment to quality sets the stage for a productive and congenial work environment for our clients, partners, and employees.

  • Flexibility to meet clients’ needs: This is derived from the depth and diversity of technical expertise available from our team.
  • Economy of operation for our clients: This occurs through reuse of reputable processes. Verteville Limited’s technical knowledge allows us to maximize this technique and eliminate the costs associated with developing new procedures from scratch.
  • Performance: This is ensured by a structured systems approach to tasks, which is coupled with a results- oriented philosophy of management by objective that demands dynamic planning, feedback, and control.
  • Our team has been successful in seeking, attracting and retaining the most capable technical and managerial professionals.