Verteville is committed to providing tailor made power solutions including developing, generating and repairing solutions. Today, the Company is positioned to continue to successfully undertake various projects in Nigeria. Our Services include:

Verteville performs traditional and advanced engineering specialties, as well as conceptual and detailed design for various projects in diverse industries for Clients worldwide.

  • Efficient Procurement: Verteville procurement group promotes project cost controls and schedule certainty by managing the purchase and delivery of materials, equipment, and services for all its clients.
  • Dynamic Construction: Verteville has an experienced construction workforce committed to HSE excellence to build projects around Nigeria.
  • Managing Projects: Verteville can perform as a project manager, responsible for executing a single project; or as a program manager, with overall responsibility for complex, challenging mega-programs.
  • Timely Installation and Commission: Our in-house engineering team implement timely installation and commissioning techniques with all thermal and renewable power construction projects.            

Verteville O&M services are:

  • Excellent plant performance: The experience of our engineers allows us to consistently deliver high availability and low forced outage rages. We adopt a shared risk model, which reinforces our commitment to optimizing plant performance for our clients
  • Manage risks: our in-house engineering capability ensures that issues are dealt with rapidly and effectively by people with specific power plant expertise
  • Meet commercial objectives: as part of a vertically integrated utility, Verteville understands our clients’ commercial objectives and how to support them through effective power plant O&M
  • Protect your interests: as Verteville is not affiliated with any part supplier or OEM, we offer expert, independent advice on technology choices and spares management, based on our experience of a wide range of technologies
  • Meet safety, health and environmental standards: Verteville is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all people associated with our company’s operations.

Verteville engineers come to your plants with years of experience working on various engine and turbine types, allowing them to become experts in executing complicated repairs that extend the life of your engine thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We provide vast are of services including combustion, hot gas path, part sourcing, major and minor outages. We can come into your business bringing the whole team or just providing a field expertise to help supervise your outages to a successful completion.

The need for mobile, temporary or distributed power is growing at a tremendous rate. The high demand for power, lack of grid stability and support, unforeseen and planned events, tendency to rent instead of buying and insufficient generation capacity attribute to this growth. Verteville through its partners is committed to providing custom solutions for all your mobile and lease power needs.

To ensure efficient power delivery, power transformers must be subjected to routine preventive maintenance. Verteville performs transformer oil purification, regeneration and de-sludge of all types of transformers and does continuous monitoring, including routine testing of each transformer to assess the health of power transformers and diagnose problems if any. Processes completed by the Verteville engineers include:

Purification: It entails:

  • Degassing to remove dissolve gases in the oil;
  • Thermal heating to remove moisture in the oil and improve the dielectric strength of oil; and
  • Filtration to remove suspended solids in oil

Regeneration: This entails:

  • The removal of organic acids and related organic by-products of Oxidation in solution i.e. in the oil. These organic by-products are: Alcohol, Aldehydes, Acetic acids, Ketones, Epoxides and peroxides.

Nigeria has abundant solar, water, wind, and geothermal energy resources, and many foreign companies are developing, manufacturing, and installing cutting-edge, high-tech renewable energy systems. Verteville has a large network of solar panel installers (up to 150MW) and battery engineering experts to deliver innovative technologies makes renewable electricity affordable. Working with our foreign partners, we are catalyzing the transformation of the nation’s dependence on fossil fuel and dirty fuel to a greener energy solution while creating jobs for  communities at large.