Replacement Units

Plug-and-Play Control Units

Customized solutions and services for flexibility and freedom from the OEM

DIGICON®• NetCon™ 5000 • Rustronic℠

Replacement Units

VERTEVILLE has engineered direct replacement units for aging and obsolete, or unsupported OEM controllers

HSDE DIGICON Series 1, 2, and 3
 Woodward NetCon 5000
 Rustronic (also known as EGT or Siemens) MKI, MKII, and NORBIT
These control solutions include precise automatic governing, sequencing and load control, regardless of industry or application. The VERTEVILLE control systems have been proven to dramatically increase start availability, reliability, and performance when compared to analog- relay or hydro-mechanical systems. It also has extensive diagnostics and communication facilities allowing for easy interface with other systems, including SCADA or DCS. These systems are safe and cost effective, providing a flexible solution to any application.