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Benefits of Regenerating Transformer oil

Life extension of a limited resource – Regeneration technology has a long history which shows that recycled oil is as good as, if not better than new. The same oil that has been aged, regenerated, aged and regenerated 6 times shows no decrease in efficiency showing an effective lifetime for oil-in use of over 100 years.

Economically advantageous – The price of purchasing regenerated oil is typically less than 80% of new oil and can be as low as 50%. Ancillary savings increment when considering there is no downtime when reclaiming on energized equipment. Replacement with new oil and hot oil flush requires equipment switch off.

Control of strategic asset is retained – Oil in use is an asset. Use of regeneration technology removes dependence on oil companies to deliver replacement supplies and isolates from wildly fluctuating external market prices.

Removal of corrosive sulfur – Lower quality transformer oil contains DBDS (Dibenzyl Disulfide) as corrosive sulfur. Corrosive sulfur has been identified as the cause of several transformer failures in recent years.
Fully regenerating using the Verteville TORS removes DBDS and obviates the requirement for passivating the oil, reducing oil maintenance costs and providing peace of mind.

Transformer Specialist

Verteville transformer technicians are trained specialist who have extensive knowledge of transformer operations and maintenance.

Supporting Services

  • Vacuuming
  • Filtration
  • On/Off line Regeneration
  • Sealing of leakages
  • Oil Analysis/Interpretation
  • Electrical Testing

Processing on energized transformers – The Verteville Energy TORS unit is designed to operate on energized transformers as effectively as on un-energized transformers. There is no loss of income, as there would be for an oil changeout, if the transformer is processed energized. The additional advantage of this process is that the transformer core is treated at the same time and the transformer can be completely desludged – a benefit not accrued with retro filling.